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Monash Algorithms & Problem Solving (MAPS)




We’re an IT student team at Monash University passionate about algorithms and problem solving. We run weekly workshops and host programming competitions on algorithms and data structures.



Competitive programming is a mind sport involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications.
- Wikipedia.com

In a competitive programming contest, coders need to create short applications that can solve mathematical problems algorithmically. The algorithm must yield correct results, and must adhere to time and space limits.

Here is an example of a basic competitive programming question:

| Given a natural number i, |
| find the value of the     |
| ith prime number.         |

Whilst competitive programming is a big focus of what we do, we also hold other types of “algorithms and problem solving” events and activities.



We host weekly workshops at 4:00pm Thursday at BG15, Science Portables (7 Innovation Walk) (as of semester 1 2024). We also stream our workshops on Zoom.

Join our Discord server for more information as it is our primary source of communication.

We also have a mailing list you can join.

Here is an array of links to our social media accounts! (^_^)

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| 4   | Threads


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The main events we hold are:

If you know the basics of python or other language, but have never heard of competitive programming, these are perfect for you! These workshops will go from the very basics of competitive programming to interesting intermediate topics, giving you a foundation to develop on your own and compete in our competitions.

In semester 1 2024, these are held at 4:00 pm every Thursday at BG15, Science Portables (7 Innovation Walk).

The problems for our weekly workshops are on our group on Virtual Judge.

If you’re already familiar competitive programming, or you’ve gotten bored with our workshops, you can do virtual competitions where we cover harder topics and train for the ICPC.

Throughout the year we hold large scale competitions with cash prizes.

The largest competition is our annual MCPC competition, but various beginner and intermediate competitions are also held.

The International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) occurs once a year. To qualify for the ICPC finals, we compete in the regional competitions: the South Pacific Programming Contests (SPPC). We also participate in various SPAR competitions in preparation for ICPC.

We also may run events in collaboration with other universities.



We primarily practise on our online web judge. link below (V)

picture of website

Here are some useful resources:

|symbol | link
| LC    | LeetCode
| CF    | Codeforces
| ACP   | Algorithms for Competitive Programming
| CPH   | Competitive Programmer’s Handbook